Vile Orašac

Creating unique cascade villas at the very entrance of Dubrovnik is only what you can call your perfect vacation. Total of 17 rooms with outdoor living facilities and walking area with magnificent views will take your mind away from hectic cities.

Our intention to improve touristic offer of a small town Orašac nearby Dubrovnik, as well as our wish to express luxury tourism potential of that picturesque Mediterranean town and Croatia, we developed luxury cascade project that contains four delightful villas providing guests perfect vacations.

High quality construction and stylish design integrated with the natural environment turns idea of the perfect vacation into reality.

Each villa has a high level of comfort in living and sleeping areas, a wellness area with sauna, and an outdoor pool with attractive sea view towards Elaphiti Islands.

The first villa, which is also the largest one, has net operating area of 594.19 square meters including common areas and five ‘en-suite’ rooms with a studio apartment having a separate entrance. Going upwards, next villa, smaller one but not less luxurious has a 5 “en-suite” rooms as well, where net operating area reaches 368.05 square meters with the associated common areas. In order to diversify and therefore to meet needs of our future guests, we completed  facility with two smaller villas at the top with a net operating area of 333.89 square meters and 4 “en-suite” rooms, and the net operating area of 157.78 square meters and 2 “en-suite “rooms respectively.

The underground area is reserved for the corresponding number of parking spaces for each of villa, as well as for supporting facilities serving perfect operation of entire complex.